The Answer is Within You


Have you ever been in a situation where you can barely help yourself and no one can or is able to help you? You have reached out and some have turned their backs on you for their own reasons. Others simply gossip and still others don’t know how to help you and fade to black. I’ve been there.

Want to know what I have learned? The answer is within you. No matter how many times you reach out or try to find a solution, sometimes you are drenched in a rain of failure. You can’t believe how unfair life can be sometimes and you want to stay under the covers as you hang at the end of your rope.

The answer is within you.

Life is not easy. And this article is not meant to glide past that fact. Sometimes life can be incredibly unfair and so can people. Don’t forget it. It is a lesson you never want to forget because when you make it past your hell – and you will, if you simply keep on fighting no matter the punches, no matter the failures, no matter the turned backs – you will never want to be there again and so it is important to remember it.

The answer is within you.

The trick in hell is not only to keep walking, to paraphrase Churchill, but it is to keep walking despite every failure. It means never accepting defeat. It means finding the solution within yourself. It means waking up every single morning and if everything the day before ended in loss, it means trying something new. It means not believing that just because everything before failed, that this too will mean defeat – you will never know until you try. But if it is yet another setback, it means you keep on going to figure out some way out of your challenge – through a door or window, or breaking down a wall. The answer will eventually come, just keep your wits and stay the course. Never stop. Never quit.

The answer is within you.

If you are fortunate enough to have a spouse, friend or stranger who has walked the fires with you, honor them, and yourself, and keep going.

And at the core of your being, no matter the temperature, the sweat that drips from your brow, the burden that you carry every single day – the answer is within you. Believe it.

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Posted: July 31, 2014

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